WORKSHOP Telling Stories: The Power of Narrative Change

Friday 17 Nov 2023
Black Box

Stories can be vital in helping to break through conversations where we feel polarised and stuck, allowing us to rehumanise the ‘other’ and tell more complex stories about who we are and our experiences.

In this workshop with Fenya Fischer from Global Narrative Hive , we’ll look at how stories have helped change our minds on social and political issues and what that process of change looks like. We’ll collectively look at how storytelling techniques can shift us from a space of scarcity and fear to one of connection and empathy.

Juntes is a responsive project happening in real-time. We will be fine-tuning the Outburst Juntes programme to include responses and insights from the Juntes programme in Brazil.  Follow us on socials and check the website for updates and more information as the project develops. All workshops, panels and sharing events are free, with advance registration essential.


Age suitability: 16+

Duration: 90 mins (Approx)

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