BREWING is our one-day showcase in the annual Outburst Queer Arts Festival, where we create a space for artists, performers and writers to try out extracts from new performance works in development in front of a live audience.

Up to five artists and makers will have up to 20 minutes each to share a piece from something they are working on, with the idea of getting fresh feedback from a queer audience and exploring what works and what doesn’t as you continue to develop the work. Works may be considered for future development through Outburst, or you might even find another partner who wants to take the idea forward!

Each artist will receive a small award of £500 to help them with their presentation and will also receive dramaturgical support through sessions in advance of the festival.

Artists from or living in Northern Ireland /North or Ireland are prioritised for BREWING.


Please send as an email attachment and in PFD or Word format only, with “BREWING SHOWCASE Submission” as the email subject line to This must include relevant script / performance text.

1. Up to 400 words about your work in development. Tell us what it’s about in your own words, your process, research or whatever feels relevant to you.

2. Any information you have about your practice so far. This may be a CV, website, your socials, videos etc. Please don’t send any materials to download, only email attachments.

The closing date for submissions for BREWING is Wednesday 10th July.

The selected artists will be invited to meet with the Outburst team to chat about the type of support they need in developing the work as a rehearsed reading for the festival in November.

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