Wed 19th July 2023 & every six weeks
The Good Room at Bullitt, Church Lane, Belfast

We need to talk! Salon is a new Outburst space / happening, every six weeks, for queer artists, writers and anyone interested in exploring queer ideas. With queer art more vital now than ever, we’ll create a space together to share readings, invite special guests and open up conversations about art, gender and sexuality. We might have a question we’ll explore, a special guest, or a conversation after a reading. We’re keeping it wide open to make it fresh each time!

The space is free and open to all queer folks, you don’t need to bring anything but your curiosity and there’s no pressure to talk if you prefer to listen. Numbers will be strictly limited each time to keep it intimate, so booking is essential and is limited to one person per registration.

Salon #3

What’s Your Problem?

With lots of folks on holiday and away this month, we thought it might be a good moment to have a more intimate salon for those of us still in the city and make space for queer artists and writers to talk about some of the creative challenges you’re having in your projects. Come and share a problem you’re trying to solve or a question you’re wrestling with in your work and get some ideas and feedback from the group. Maybe you want to get some feedback on something you’ve written or want to share an outline of an idea to explore how you might develop it.  We still have a few opportunities left to participate in the festival this year before we sign off on the programme, so we’d love to hear those inspired last minute ideas. Whether you’re a queer maker or just interested in listening and talking about queer ideas, all are welcome.

If you’d like to share something, let us know in advance if possible via email:

This session will be facilitated by Outburst Artistic Director Ruth McCarthy, poet and writer Mícheál McCann and film-maker / producer Caleb J Roberts.

We’ll be hosting Salon in the fabulous Good Room at Bullitt off Church Lane (thanks for the space!).



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