Saturday 18 Nov 2023
Location to be unveiled

The Juntes project is excited to welcome Ghanaian trans artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (aka crazinisT artisT) to Belfast, to participate in conversations and share a very special new work.

crazinisT has performed and exhibited across the globe and is the founding artistic director of crazinisT artisT studiO (TTO) in Ghana, which aims to radicalise the arts and promote exchange between international and local artists, activists, researchers, curators, and critical thinkers.

As a performer and installation artist, she investigates gender stereotypes, prejudices, queerness, identity politics and conflicts, sexual stigma and their consequences for marginalized people.

With rituals and a gender-fluid persona, she employs her own body as a thought-provoking tool in performances, photography, video, and installations, ‘life-and-live-art’ confronting issues such as disenfranchisement, internalized oppression, anti blacknes and systemic indoctrination.

As crazinisT’s work is sometimes outdoors and usually responsive to space, we will share details of location close to the event, see our website for updates.

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