IT WAS PARADISE, UNFORTUNATELY (No such thing as theatre)

Saturday 11, Friday 17 & Saturday 18 Nov 2023
Various times
Orpheus Theatre, Ulster University

Where does the idea of theatre begin in the Western World, and why there? 

Can theatre change the world? Did it ever? 

As we officially exit the Holocene and enter the Anthropocene, the pressure mounts on queers (as ultra supreme beings) to imagine new utopias in response to the increasingly dystopic world we find ourselves in. Jordanian-born Berlin-based trans playwright Raphael Khouri turns to history, where one utopia already existed. 

Several times a year, the entire Hellenistic world and beyond, from Penzance to Pakistan, worshipped a queer, transgender God as part of what was likely the most politically radical intervention into society the Western World has ever known.

And everyone had to worship. 

At its very core was theatre, but also plants.

Commissioned by Outburst, especially for the Juntes project, It was Paradise, Unfortunately (No Such Thing as Theatre) is performed research into the fascinating potential that ‘the past’ might have for us to address the current state of our world.

Raphael’s initial research was partly funded by Goethe Institute London, with the commission supported by Nebula Fund through the Juntes programme. 

With thanks to Ulster University. 


Age suitability: 16+

Duration: 60 mins (approx)

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