Sunday 12 Nov 2023
QUB Graduate School, Room TR7

The last decade has seen an exciting eruption of queer writing, poetry, novels and memoirs.

What does it take to bring new queer writing into the world in different social and political contexts? Do publishers who are queer make different choices than mainstream publishers and how does it impact on queer culture?

Join us for a fascinating conversation with three unique voices in queer publishing from around the world, Ben Townley-Canning (UK), Seçil Epik (Turkey) and Liliana Viola (Argentina), as they discuss the challenges and joys of their work past and present and how it is both transforming and responding to a changing world for queer people.

Seçil Epik runs Umami, an independent publishing house in Istanbul that primarily translates queer classics and important new contemporary works into Turkish. Umami is adapting to publish more work by local queer writers in an increasingly hostile climate. Seçil also co-publishes Argonotlar, one of the main arts websites in Turkey.

Liliana Viola is a feminist writer, journalist, curator and publisher based in Buenos Aires. She was the founder and editor for 15 years of SOY, the only queer writing and culture supplement to a national newspaper in the world, and now focuses on writing and publishing.

Ben Townley-Canning is the London-based founder and editor of fourteen publishing (est. 2020). Its key title is fourteen poems, a queer poetry anthology published three times a year and featuring award-winning poets alongside emerging talent. In 2022 he also began to publish queer poetry pamphlets, including the Poetry Book Society Spring 2023 Pamphlet choice from Ellora Sutton and work by Remi Graves and David Nash. 

Seçil Epik participation is in partnership with the British Council.


Age suitability: 16+

Duration: 70 mins

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