F/F : Fragments / Freeform – Elly Makem / EllyMakes

Thursday 9 - Saturday 18 Nov 2023
11:00 - 17:00
Artcetera Gallery

Outburst is excited to support this debut solo show by Elly Makem/ Elly Makes, vividly exploring sapphic intimacy, expression and desire. 

Femslash, commonly abbreviated as F/F,  is lesbian or sapphic erotic fiction usually found online. Generally created by non-professional writers and artists, or fans of fictional TV/ book/ film couples, for millennials and following generations slash fiction is often the first portal to exploring queer sexuality and sex. Unlike mainstream porn, where images of women and non-binary people are constructed in most instances through a consumerist cisgender and heteropatriarchal male gaze, femslash offers a space for sapphics to create and own a self-made, more empowering and hotter kind of sexuality.

Riffing on both F/F and early 1950s and 60s pulp and comicbook-esque dyke experience, transmasc artist Elly Makem presents a new body of works that depict lesbian and transmasculine sex in all its playful and transformative vulnerability. The illustrated love scenes are singular moments in time, fragments of experience that bring our real queer bodies and pleasures to life, beyond hetero fetisation and the “gal pal”ness of erased sexual histories.

F/F : Fragments / Freeform elevates DIY queer cultures, unedited and unrepentant in the vital spaces they create for our desires.

Please note that this exhibition contains strong sexual references. Minors will not be admitted.


Age suitability: Stictly 18+

Opening Night: Thurs 9 November 2023

Opening Hours: 11:00-17:00 Mon-Fri | 12:00-17:00 Sat

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