DÓCHAS NA CAILL (The Witch’s Hope)

Friday 10 Nov 2023
Black Box

The far right has infiltrated the mainstream, hard-won rights are being snatched and we’re waiting on a revolution that seems both inevitable and impossible. 

But how do you change the world when you can’t trust the people around you?

You’re sleeping in a bookshop. Toying with anarchy. Having a cosy relationship with psychedelics. And you’re fed up with the wait for late-stage capitalism to come crumbling down.

Elsewhere, in a mythological past, a bitter old druid has embarked on a twisted quest to get himself some new trinkets, and it’s going to take some magic to stop him.

Dúirt bean liom go ndúirt bean lei... 

What do you believe? What’s in a story?

A non-binary storyteller who writes in Irish and English, Maoilíosa NicÉadaoin performs a candid, timely and poetic new work of re-imagined folklore, delivered as gaeilge, with spoken word storytelling and some good old-fashioned ranting delivered in the language of the oppressor.

Dóchas na Caillí will be performed part in English and part in Irish. 

To avoid compromising the original meaning, the Irish elements won’t be directly translated but a summary will be provided to audiences in advance to assist understanding.

Dóchas na Caillí was developed through the Outburst / Jerwood Arts Tongue + Heart Artist Development Programme, supported by Jerwood Arts, with additional support from Arts Council of NI.

Maoilíosa will join members of Aerach Aiteach Gaelach after their Outburst show on Tuesday 14th November at Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich, to discuss making queer work in the Irish language.


Age suitability: 18+

Duration: 70 mins (Approx)

Content advice: Contains strong language, references to drug use and sexual assult.

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