Sunday 12 Nov 2023
Brial Friel Theatre

We love Outburst to be a place for artists to try out new ideas, or to rework something they’ve been playing with for a while. Our Brewing showcase is just that, with five piping hot local artists showcasing short extracts of their work, each only 15 minS to 30 mins, across performance, sound, and storytelling.  

The emphasis is on support and queer critique and you are a vital part of that, creating space together for artists to find out how something feels with an audience, or feeding back to the artists informally after the event. A relaxed and popular event at the festival, Brewing is always full of surprises and brilliant new ideas, highlighting the depth and creativity of new and established queer talent in the North and seeding what may become a full work over the next year. 

This year, we are delighted to share works from: 

Cal McElwee

Gemma Hutton

Isaac Quinn

Nathan Martin

rit. & Peter O’Doherty.


Age suitability: 16+

Times: Doors open at 14:30. Performances begin at 15:00.

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