Special School: Laura Lulika & Hang Linton

23rd March 2021

We are delighted to be joined by artists Laura Lulika & Hang Linton for Special School on 23 March at 7:00pm. Using technology, sound, video and performance, and taking influence from queer crip cyborg theory and Afrofuturism, artists Laura Lulika & Hang Linton challenge the common preconceptions of care and what it is to be sick, crip and disabled.

To kick off the session, we will meet in Zoom for an introduction, where Hang and Laura will discuss their work, including ideas around how care, labour, sickness, performance and sound can be part of a practice of worldbuilding. Then we will move over to the messaging app Telegram for the rest of the session, where Hang and Laura will share three video and sound artworks – reflecting on care, the body, touch and sound – and host conversations in response. The move to Telegram is an experimental and accessible way to present work that accommodates ‘crip time’. Crip time is a concept that deals with, among other things, how our expectations of ‘how long things take’ are based on normative minds and bodies.

The session is open to all disabled and non-disabled people. People can also just attend the Zoom talk, if preferred. The event will be captioned by otter.ai and BSL/ISL can be provided – booking required. Please let us know any access requirements in advance by emailing participate@outburstarts.com.

Telegram is a free messenger app, that automatically deletes messages after a certain time and does not data mine users. If you would like to attend the Telegram session, please download the free Mobile, PC or Mac app. If you have any trouble, please get in touch on participate@outburstarts.com and we’ll try to help. We suggest you download the app the day before, if possible, to be sure it’s working for you.

About Special School:

What can moving, making, writing and imagining teach us about disability and queerness?

Special School is a learning programme developed with curator Daniel Bermingham along with queer and crip (sick and disabled) artists and cultural producers. It is for the uninitiated and the curious as well as for those who bring their expertise to their own non-normative bodies.

Special School includes workshops in dance, writing, textiles and worldbuilding by queer crip artists. It is a space for those who are unsure in their bodies; for those who are looking to explore (their) disability and/or queerness through doing together; and a space to test and question desire, pleasure and ability.

Laura Lulika & Hang Linton

(Laura: All pronouns, Hang: All pronouns)

Laura Lulika is a crip (sick+disabled) artist and researcher. Working predominantly with video, sound and performance, their practice explores themes of care, sexuality, labour, sickness and performativity in the everyday. Their work is driven by the rhythms, movement, and rituals within daily activity. Looking at accessibility from various perspectives, Lulika attempts to work outside of common capitalist artworld structures in liminal spaces that are not controlled by structures of oppression.

Lulika has worked with many community groups and collaboration is key to their practice. They strive to work in interdependent formats which reflect their care needs and the care needs of everyone involved.

Lulika is an initiating member of Sickness Affinity Group which has been active for three years.

Hang, is a self-taught musician, visual artist and filmmaker. Care, community and collaboration are integral to his work. Personal practices explore otherness through music, movement and creating trickster characters. Hang also has an ardent interest in supporting those from marginalised groups to express themselves through music, movement and performance. They have offered workshops in creative expression through music, including lyric writing and performance techniques.

Hang is currently researching immersive installations exploring alternative methods of care and support. Hang has also created ambient sound works and electronic music for dance, performance and live art, collaborating with a variety of choreographers and performers.

Image Description: A white fem person and black masc person are sitting on and standing beside a bed.  They are bathed in orange and blue light. The person standing has their arm around the seated person. He/they looks at her/them, and she/they looks at the camera. Props include a doll, a tray of medical equipment, an ipod.

Image credit: Daniel Mutton

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