Special School: Day Magee

15th December 2020

For the second Special School session we are delighted to be joined by performance and visual artist Day Magee. Exploring ideas of purity, chronic illness, mourning, abjection and queer desire, Day will present a talk on their expansive practice.

To conclude this session, curator Daniel Bermingham and Day will have a conversation about their work, influences and queer-crip practice in Ireland.

Special School is a programme developed with curator Daniel Bermingham that makes space for conversation and artistic development through talks and screenings with queer and crip (sick and disabled) artists and practitioners. These sessions are for both artists and a general audience and they focus on the history of crip/queer practice, providing a space for critical conversations about ideas such as ability, accessibility, and non-normative bodies and pleasures.

Day Magee is a performance and visual artist based between Limerick and Dublin. Since 2011, they have performed as part of live art organisations such as Livestock and the Dublin Live Art Festival, before pursuing a BA in Sculpture & Combined Media in Limerick School of Art & Design in 2017. They are a cofounder of the Limerick-based live art collective Evil, staging performance-based events and workshops outside conventional gallery settings. Their work has explored the developmental role of shame-based trauma in the relationships of the queer sick body, owing to the artist’s experiences with chronic pain and queerness under an Evangelical upbringing. Operating via stylised rituals in the form of performance-centered multimedia installations, the works hinge upon the processes of transubstantiation – the viral transmission of ideas via the suspension of disbelief. The artist interacts with totemic art objects in a ritualistic fashion, which is further charged by the witness of the audience.

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