Queer Audio Description with Quiplash

16th February 2021

Upcoming! Outburst is delighted to be joined by Quiplash, who are queer non binary blind theatre practitioner, producer and academic, Amelia Lander-Cavallo, and queer non binary neurodiverse artist and producer, Al Lander-Cavallo.

Audio description tells, in words, what is happening visually in a performance, TV, film, artworks etc. It was designed by and for blind and visually impaired people but other disabled and non-disabled audiences also use it. For queer audiences, artists, performers and film-makers, queering audio description can be crucially important to the work. Quiplash have been developing and teaching a Queer Audio Description method specifically for this reason.

Access: The event will be captioned by otter.ai. Please let us know about any access needs (ISL, BSL) you may have by emailing participate@outburstarts.com.

This talk will be followed in early March by a practical queer audio describing class for LGBTQ+ artists, organisers and allies who are interested in learning this essential skill.

This talk takes place as part of Outburst’s Special School, a learning programme developed with curator Daniel Bermingham along with queer and crip (sick and disabled) artists and cultural producers. It is for the uninitiated and the curious as well as for those who bring their expertise of their own non-normative bodies.

Special School includes workshops in dance, writing, textiles and worldbuilding by queer crip artists. It is a space for those who are unsure in their bodies; for those who are looking to explore (their) disability and/or queerness through doing together; and a space to test and question desire, pleasure and ability.

We are thrilled to partner with University of Atypical for these audio description events.

ID: A colourful aerial image of groups of people at the last in-person Queer Audio Description class in February 2020. They’re sitting on chairs and beanbags and are mid-exercise with Amelia Lander-Cavallo in grey dungarees, a yellow shirt and black trainers looking on lovingly.

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