Special School: Kat Hawkins

23rd February 2020

What can moving, making and imagining teach us about disability and queerness?

For the first Special School artist’s session of 2021 we are delighted to be joined by dancer Kat Hawkins on 23 February at 7:00pm. Kat will share their experiences of disability and sexuality in dance, and how their disability informs their dance practice. This will be followed by a movement workshop, exploring the creative ways disabled people move through space. The workshop is open to all disabled and non-disabled people. People can also just attend the talk, if preferred.

Special School

Special School is a learning programme developed with curator Daniel Bermingham along with queer and crip (sick and disabled) artists and cultural producers. It is for the uninitiated and the curious as well as for those who bring their expertise of their own non-normative bodies.

Special School includes workshops in dance, writing, textiles and worldbuilding by queer crip artists. It is a space for those who are unsure in their bodies; for those who are looking to explore (their) disability and/or queerness through doing together; and a space to test and question desire, pleasure and ability.

Kat Hawkins

Kat is a queer crip director, dance artist and PhD researcher looking at the role of an understudy in inclusive dance, and non-normative bodies in contemporary dance settings.

They create work focused on access, bodies, transcending bodies, time, and the spaces in between.

They are interested in access, pressures, prejudices from without and within and creating meaningful relationships focused on care and movement.

Images: Camilla Greenwell

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