wholeI wear a mask, all the time. I can’t take it off because you may judge me.

Director Alyson Campbell, TheatreofplucK and the four founding actors of Charabanc Theatre Company collaborate on this powerful, playful and challenging performance installation about the experience of being a woman living with HIV in Northern Ireland today.

Viewed from the street, WHoLE takes the ideas of “hole” and “wholeness” as metaphors for transmission and transformation.

What histories, secrets, stigma, information, art or joy might slip through a small hole and be transformed at the other side? What makes us whole, if the whole of who we are isn’t acceptable?

We invite all women to participate* in the project, which aims to challenge our thinking around HIV and AIDS and tackle the stigma still faced by women living with HIV. Please register to take part at www.theatreofpluck.com/getinvolved

*participation will include eating cake

WHoLE was developed as an artistic response to experiences shared through interviews and discussions with women living with HIV in Northern Ireland.

Led by Director Alyson Campbell

Dramaturg: Kim Davis

Text: Lachlan Philpott

Performers: Marie Jones, Eleanor Methven, Carol Moore, Brenda Winter-Palmer (Charabanc)

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November
Friday 5pm-7pm
Saturday - 11am-7pm
Sunday - 11am-2pm
Viewed from the street