The Wound
Dir: John Trengove / South Africa, Germany, Netherlands & France / 2017 / 88mins

Groundbreaking in subject matter and unflinching in its examination of traditional manhood, The Wound is a hard-edged and beautifully wrought film that turned heads at festivals across the world this year.

In the Xhosa community of rural South Africa, lonely factory worker Xolani takes time off to be a caretaker to young men during Ukwaluka, an annual rite of passage to symbolise the move from boyhood to manhood. What brings him back each year is not tradition or duty but the opportunity to, however briefly, re-establish his sexual relationship with his childhood friend and fellow caregiver Vija, who now has a wife and family in town. When Kwanda, Xolani’s defiant gay young initiate, learns of Xolani’s best kept secret, tension builds as patriarchal masculinity is called into question and choices must be made between the old ways and the new.

Wed 15th November
Queens Film Theatre (QFT)
£6.70 / £5 conc.


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