Outburst has had some very special visitors over the years but we’ve never had a mole from Peru. Until now.

Simón el Topo (Simon the Mole) is a joyful hymn to freedom and a theatrical delight for both children and adults that encourages understanding and acceptance of difference. Simón lives in a tunnel with his family and loves flowers, butterflies and finding things in the clouds. He doesn’t understand that there are “things for boys” and “things for girls” and is sad when he realizes he is not as his parents and others expect him to be. When events send Simón on the most important journey of his life, he gains the strength and security he needs to become a hero by just being himself.

Performed in the international language of Mole and presented by Outburst for the first time this side of the equator, Teatro La Plaza’s magical puppet show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and the perfect tool for starting conversations with children about homophobia and gender stereotypes.

Showtime approx. 45 mins

Both shows will be followed by a child-friendly Q&A with the puppets and actors. On Sunday this will be followed by a short discussion on how we address homophobia with children, with contributions from The Rainbow Project and HereNI.

Sat 11th & Sun 12th November, 5pm
Black Box
£10- Adult
£5- Child
£22- Family Ticket (Limited Available)
FREE- No income Family (Limited Available)


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