Outburst is proud to host this new group exhibition of queer work from Caribbean artists, in partnership with British Council and Golden Thread Gallery.

“One of the most remarkable developments in the Caribbean and its diaspora over the past two decades or so is the emergence of a generation of young visual artists working in various media (paint, film, performance) who have been transforming Caribbean visual practice, perhaps even Caribbean visual culture.

Importantly these younger artists did not grow up in the “aftermaths of sovereignty” so much as in the aftermaths of sovereignty’s aftermaths. They grow up in a context in which the great narratives of sovereignty, once oppositional, once open to the adventure of a future-to-come, have congealed and ossified, and in doing so disclose more and more their own modes of exclusion, marginalization, repression, and intolerance. And as the old anti-systemic movements for social and political change became installed in power in the new states of the region they stultified into new modes of orthodoxy, into their own terrified normativities, anxiously policing the boundaries of identity and community, the expressions of personhood and belonging, of sex and pleasure.

These are precisely themes that preoccupy this younger generation, and that provoke and illuminate the domain we call Caribbean queer visuality.”

David Scott

Director, The Small Axe Project


Ewan Atkinson (Barbados) Jean-Ulrick Désert (Haiti/Germany) Richard Fung (Trinidad/Canada) Andil Gosine (Trinidad/Canada) Nadia Huggins (St.Vincent & the Grenadines) Leasho Johnson (Jamaica)
Charl Landvreugd (Suriname/Netherlands) Kareem Mortimer (Bahamas) Ebony G. Patterson (Jamaica)
Jorge Pineda (Dominican Republic)

Curated and coordinated by: David Scott, Columbia University Erica James, Yale University
Nijah Cunningham, Princeton University

With assistance from Colette Norwood, British Council Northern Ireland, Annalee Davis, British Council Caribbean& Golden Thread Gallery

Friday 11th November 2016 to
Saturday 7th January 2017

Golden Thread Gallery
Opening Times:
Tuesday - Friday
11am - 5pm
11am - 4pm
FREE Admission