“When the New York Times bought its first fax machine, ACT UP faxed them a mile of black paper to protest their silence on AIDS, effectively shutting down the machine.”Greenwich Village History

This collaborative art installation by Manchester artist and activist Greg Thorpe commemorates, celebrates and conceptually revives an activist ‘zap’ by ACT UP New York, to memorialise those lost to AIDS, to inspire our own HIV/AIDS activism today, and to offer a medium to share thoughts, ideas, memories, intentions, activist messages, questions and emotions inspired by the ongoing pandemic. The intention of the original ACT UP action – to shut down communication – is lovingly subverted into an opportunity to make our voices heard.

All contributions are welcome and warmly invited. The work is accompanied by assorted audio relating to HIV/AIDS to inspire contributions. Materials are provided for visitors to make their own work.

On Saturday 11th Nov at 11am in the Green Room, the artist Greg Thorpe will host a ‘teach in’ with the piece, including a discussion of the work, some short film, music, performance and conversation.

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Black Box Green Room
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