gloryGL RY is a creative response to the gaping hole in representation around HIV in Northern Ireland. The medical crisis of the 80s and 90s may be over, but stigma and misinformation have produced a different, less visible health crisis.

Leaving theatre space behind, performance collective TheatreofplucK takes us out into public space in Belfast, enticing you through a hole and transforming thinking about what it actually means to live with HIV here today.

Driven by conversations with people living with HIV in NI, the work responds through a hybrid of surreal sound works and installations over three days, culminating in a tea-dance that merges tea, cake, dancing, pop quizzes and some spectacular cabaret performance.

Let us fill up your dance card.

Please note that there is strong language and content throughout the tea dance performance. Strictly 18+.

Creative team led by Alyson Campbell

Writing: Lachlan Philpott

Performances: Ross Anderson-Doherty Matthew Cavan

Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th November
Various Locations.
Pick up map & headphones at The Barracks
12-7pm each day
12-4pm on Sun 13th

Tea Dance Sun 13th
101 Donegall St.
4pm £8

BOOK NOW (Tea Dance Only)