bm_shadowsHow to Save the World  Without Even Trying

They’re back with a brand new show!

Riotous original songs meet hyper surreal, high fashion in this political rally slash arena spectacular, performed in a damp cave by a pair of absolute weirdos with a dubious moral compass. Critically acclaimed musical satirists Bourgeois & Maurice present a provocative, thought-provoking and cuttingly hilarious guide to engaging with the complex issues of today’s geo-political climate… without too much effort on anyone’s part.

One of the big hits at Edinburgh Fringe this year, How to Save the World Without Really Trying is B&M’s snazziest and sharpest show to date, sketching out the terrifying contours of our flailing system with acerbic clarity through catchy tunes and devilish lyrics. Subjects include chemsex, armchair activism, European decline and selling arms to terrorists.

But forget about all that stuff!

Order a daquiri, pull up a chair and be dazzled by one of the best cabaret acts in the UK today.

★★★★★ Scotsman

‘It’s hard to think of any other act delivering such clever, funny and sharp material’ Time Out

Friday 11th November
Black Box
9pm £10

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