Take a stroll to the south of the city for a delicious, domestic film experience at Satis House. Join Kim McAleese and Eoin Dara, the current occupants and curators of this experimental space for a screening of One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy and BayBjane.

This film is a ninety-minute docu-tale, a hybrid of documentary and fiction. It is a true story about a most unique friendship, about survival at the edge of society and about the final triumph over mishaps and obstacles that seemed to have one marked for a life in the shadows.

The highly emotional music of Gustav Mahler, as well as contemporary club-sounds, weaves the multi-colored carpet on which this feast for the senses is unleashed.

Booking is essential in order to provide you all with bespoke refreshments during the evening.

Tues. 19th Nov.
7.30pm /
Satis House (86 Deramore Ave.) / FREE
To reserve a place, please email