10for10Earler this year, Outburst joined with Tinderbox to workshop with ten local writers who are developing new queer-themed work.

Outburst is committed to creating and supporting spaces for new and established local LGBTQ+ talent and, as part of this year’s tenth anniversary line-up, we are delighted to present three new works-in-development from writers from the 10 For 10 project. These diverse and often very personal pieces offer fascinating glimpses into NI experiences of queer home and place.

Dramaturgy support by Hanna Slattne

The Day I Almost Met Liberace

Gavin Armstrong

Tuesday 15th Nov. 7.30pm

The Barracks

The Day I Almost Met Liberace is a jaw-dropping autobiographical tale of sex, drugs and shocking ignorance.

As a gay constable in the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Patrick expects to be faced with prejudice, maybe even aggression – he just doesn’t expect it to come from his own colleagues. When he is diagnosed with HIV, he is propelled on a journey to the edge of self-destruction, where he meets a nun with a curious knowledge of sexually transmitted infections and a heavenly administrator filling in for a missing angel.

And then there is the guy playing the piano…

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There’s a Bishop in my Bedroom

Dr. Richard O’Leary

Wednesday 16th Nov. 7.30pm

The Barracks

If you’ve ever been whacked by the crozier you’ll know how it feels!

If you haven’t you can find out in There’s a Bishop in My Bedroom.

Dr. Richard O’Leary and ‘the bishops’ take you on a whirlwind journey, from sex education in a Catholic secondary school in 1970s Cork, to sourcing illegal condoms at University College Dublin in 1980s. From falling in love with a Protestant in Belfast in the 1990s to becoming an expert on mixed marriage and campaigning for marriage equality.

Funny and moving, this is an incredible but true saga of bizarre encounters and unlikely situations.

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Pet Shop Boy

Grant Corr

Thursday 17th Nov. 7.30pm

The Barracks

It’s the 80s and 16-year-old Charlie works Saturdays in Val Monroe’s East Belfast pet shop. The pressure’s on to get a proper job and be like the other fellas. He’s got his girl, ‘big Mo,’ and can drink four cans of Carlsberg Special but things start to come undone when Val’s nephew Graham suddenly shows up and Charlie’s old buried feelings are suddenly resurrected.

Grant Corr has written for both stage and radio, including plays Rip Her to Shreds and Dead Boy Café. He is currently doing a PhD on queer space during the troubles.

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